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Electric water heater industry development hidden worry


 Nowadays, there are many small and medium sized second-rate quick-fired electric water heater companies that have always experienced various problems in their operation, which has caused the market of electric water heaters to gradually fall into a vicious circle and the development of the industry is in urgent need of transformation.

1. Increased awareness of consumer brands In the past few years, the rapid heat-type water heater industry has been controversial from the E0, E1, and F0 environmental standards to the “dummy of false environmental certifications.... Not only to fast-fired electric water heaters. The industry has sounded the alarm and also “forced” the awareness of consumer brands to be unprecedentedly strong. The call for brands, integrity, and services has become extremely urgent. The brand-name fast-fired electric water heater gradually entered people's homes.

2, the rapid expansion of large-scale electric water heater brand More and more rapid-fired electric water heater brand through the construction of a sound sales network, whether it is first-tier second-tier or third-tier four-line market can see the major brands, making the region As market competition continues to intensify, no matter whether it is product quality, grade, design style, image, integrity, service, etc., small and medium-sized quick-fired electric water heater companies cannot compete with it, and the market is gradually occupied by the brand of instant-water heaters. .

3, rapid thermal water heater product quality problems With the constant hot-type electric water heater market continues to mature, a variety of high-tech technology is generally used in rapid heating electric water heater production and technology, and small and medium-sized fast-type electric water heater companies in order To ensure sufficient profit margins, lack of professional knowledge and professional production equipment, lack of standardized process technology and production environment, unqualified procurement of spare parts, malicious competition, mutual price reduction and other undesirable competitions, one after another, leading to the phenomenon of cutting corners for cost savings and endless product quality. Severe decline.

4, the management of fast-fired electric water heater business defects Most medium and small-scale fast-fired electric water heater companies generally have a lower level of education, poor marketing awareness, loose management phenomenon, not to mention a sound management system and professional marketing team; Without effective management, the overall productivity is not high, the industrial structure is not reasonable, the production concentration is generally low, there are many middle and low-grade products, there are few high-end and high-tech products, and the development of functional products is weak. It can meet the personalized market demand. The ability is poor, design styles are simply copied and the products gradually lose their appeal.

5, fast-fired electric water heater brand service poor brand era, service has become an important part of the product value, fast-speed electric water heater industry is also the same, the material itself, the post-service, pre-sale, sale, after-sales service is very important of. For most of the medium and small-scale fast-fired electric water heater companies, because they only focus on the production of the product, often neglect the service of the product, or the service level and service quality are not high, so that the competitiveness of the product declines.

6. The executive capacity of fast-fired electric water heaters is low. Because “all orders from the boss are the guidelines for action”, the employees of quick-fired electric water heaters lack autonomy and creativity. Therefore, they often result in poor execution, and there are indicators issued with employees. Mismatched capabilities, lack of understanding of the order being issued, lack of implementation, lack of specific implementation criteria, and lack of supervision.

7, a large number of rapid-fire electric water heaters lack of talent to see the small business owners, Chinese companies look at the system, large companies look culture! In many small and medium-sized fast-fired electric water heater companies, the busiest is always the boss, big and small things have to The management must wait for the boss to make a decision, the owner does not start without orders, and the talents in R&D, production, management, marketing, service, training, etc. are all missing.

These are some of the problems that currently exist in fast-fired electric water heaters. I believe that as long as business elites work together to overcome these problems, your business will certainly be able to flourish.
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